Car Opportunities

Have you ever been around those annoying people who try to assure you that there are no “problems,” but only “opportunities”? In an effort to see my life in as positive a light as possible, I’m going to tell you about two car “opportunities” that arose today. 

The first one had to do with my brakes. As I pulled up to a stop sign this morning, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor before my car started slowing down at all. That started a panic attack, but thankfully, it stopped just fine. I began checking on prices for new brakes when I remembered that when I bought the car, there was an old, almost-empty bottle of brake fluid in the spare tire compartment. So, I got a new bottle of brake fluid and added it, and the brakes started working properly again. I made sure to thank God that it was an easy (and inexpensive) fix! Of course, I will need to eventually fix whatever is causing the leak, but since I’ve driven over 10,000 miles in the last 4 months, it must not be leaking badly…yet. 

The second “opportunity” had to do with the starter. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you may remember that on my epic trip to Colorado in May the starter went out on the first day. For the entire trip, I had to either park on an incline or be pushed by Sam and Seth. (Thank God for manual transmissions!) For the past couple weeks, the starter has been a little fickle. Sometimes it will start up right away, and sometimes it needs a little coaxing. Then, tonight, in the Kroger parking lot, it decided to not start at all. I tried for probably twenty minutes before I called someone to come help me. On the phone, I was trying to appear not to be completely helpless, so I said I could push-start it myself if I wasn’t afraid of hitting the buggy corral directly in front of me.
When I got off the phone, I surveyed the area around me and decided I would have plenty of room if I pushed the car back some first. So, that’s what I did. I pushed the car back until I knew I would have enough room to steer past the buggy corral. Then, I pushed the car forward until it picked up a good amount of speed, hopped in the driver’s seat, shoved it in gear, and started the car. All. By. My. Self. So, I called my friend back and said, “From now on, you have to call me Wonder Woman.”

Now, I’m feeling confident and competent to meet whatever “opportunity” life throws at me next. 


Obligatory Solar Eclipse Post

Since the solar eclipse is what everyone has been talking about all day, I decided to go along with the crowd and write about my experience today. I’ve heard it called a once-in-a-lifetime event, and for many people that is probably true. However, I remember the last solar eclipse, in February 1979. I was nine years old and in the third grade.

What I remember the most about it was the stern warnings not to look at it or we’d go blind. I can’t remember if we had solar eclipse glasses or not. I do remember my class (and probably the whole school) going outside to experience it. It was a very momentous occasion.

This time around, I didn’t get into all the hoopla about it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not nine years old any more, or if it’s because I have very weighty issues on my mind these days. Perhaps it’s because the second time a once-in-a-lifetime event happens it’s just not as spectacular as the first time. Whatever the reason, I had low expectations going into it, so I shouldn’t have been as disappointed as I was.

I realize that if I had solar eclipse glasses through which to view it, I probably would have been more excited about it and enjoyed it much more. I guess I should have put forth a little effort into getting some, but as I said above, I have some very weighty issues on my mind, and solar eclipse glasses just weren’t high enough on the priority list.

I was hoping that my current location would be ideal for experiencing the astronomical phenomenon, but it ended up not being anything special. It didn’t even get dark. It got dusky, and the chickens came back to the coop, thinking it was bed time. Below are two photos that were taken in about the same place. The first was taken an hour or so before the eclipse, and the second was taken when the sky was at its darkest. As you can see, there wasn’t a huge difference.

…Two Months Later

It’s been two months since my last post, in which I said that my life would be completely changed in two months. And, I was right!

I wasn’t right about being completely moved out of Scott’s house by now, though. Sam and I are physically moved out, but we are still working on getting our stuff out. I’ve been busy selling and giving away lots and lots of stuff. We have a storage room about half-full of things we are keeping. I still have several things to get ready to sell, photograph, and post on LetGo and Facebook Marketplace. (By the way, those two sites are a great way to sell things you no longer want or need.)

For now, we are staying in an adorable, little guest house owned by a family in our church. Sam went to school with their older sons, and he has enjoyed visiting with them. They have been gracious enough to let us stay here for a couple weeks, until Sam can find a permanent place of his own.

My plans are not fully formed yet. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be leaving Bristol, but I’m not sure when or exactly where I’m going to go. For that reason, I’m not looking for a place for myself at the moment. I have some exciting things going on this month and next (which I’m not comfortable with sharing widely just yet), and after that, I’ll see what God has in store for me. One thing I’ve learned this summer…God’s plans for me are more exciting (and sometimes more surprising) than anything I can come up with on my own.

One very sad note about all the changes taking place is that we had to get rid of McKenna. Although I wasn’t very happy when Sam brought him home without first asking permission, I quickly fell in love with the little fella, and I miss him dreadfully. Tonight is only the second night he’s been with his new owner, but it already feels like an eternity. I texted the guy today to see if McKenna is doing okay, and he replied that he is doing great, and he loves to go outside to play. I’m glad we were able to find him a good home with someone who was wanting a dog. I have to stop talking about him now, before I start crying on my computer.

If you’re interested in my adventures, stay tuned. There will be plenty more in the near future!