Changes on the Horizon

Two months from now, my life will look nothing like it does now. Everything is changing! Most of the changes are good, and I’m looking forward to them. For starters, I’m finally getting divorced. It’s been a long time coming! In fact, when I have told some friends that the divorce is finally happening, they have invariably replied with, “Girl, I thought you got divorced a long time ago!”

For my readers who don’t know me or my history, I have been married for twelve and a half years, and I was separated for seven of those. Last year I approached Scott with, “You know, this whole separation thing is stupid. We need to either get back together or just get divorced.” His response was that he did not want a divorce. So, I told him we could get back together as long as it wasn’t like before…I wanted us to be a real family and have a close relationship. He said he had changed and things would be better. Yet, here we are, about a year later, getting divorced. The papers have been officially served, we have come to an amicable agreement regarding the settlement, and the attorney should have the settlement papers ready for us to sign next week. It’s really happening!

For the rest of this month and next month, I will be busy selling as much of my stuff as I can, giving or throwing away what I can’t sell and don’t want to keep, and packing the rest. I don’t know exactly where I will be living two months from now, or what I’ll be doing, but it’s sure to be a grand adventure, which I will be sharing here. So, stay tuned…


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