Boring Day

I expected Wednesday to be a very dull and boring day, and it probably was the least-exciting day of our week-long trip. It started out by leaving our hotel before daylight to try to get a head start on the day. Then, as I drove east, the rising sun was shining directly into my eyes for better than an hour. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open, but it didn’t blind me too much to see and appreciate the interesting cloud formation in the photo above.

The aspect of the day that I most dreaded was the long drive across the boring nothingness of the state of Kansas (excepting, of course, the spectacular cloud formation above). Mile after mile of …. nothing. A young man we met in Topeka confirmed our suspicions of there being nothing to do around there.

Speaking of Topeka, just as we were coming up on that city, the car made a little jolt and starting making a horrible banging sound. I pulled over as quickly as I safely could. A quick look under the hood revealed the problem. A spark plug had broken! Thankfully, there was an auto parts store at the nearby exit, where I was able to purchase a new spark plug, and Seth was able to borrow the proper tools to install it. Then, after we stopped at a Chick-fil-A for lunch, we were back on our way, good as new.

As I’ve said, other than the broken spark plug, driving through Kansas was dull and boring. That can not be said about Missouri. As soon as we crossed over the state line, we were at a standstill on the interstate. It took us nearly two hours to travel the first 35 miles in the state. First, there was an accident. Then, there was a bit of construction. Throughout it all, there was a LOT of traffic. By the time we made it to St. Louis, after delays due to the spark plug and the KC traffic, it was too dark for the boys to see the Arch. Maybe we’ll go back there again before too long, hopefully in the daylight.

At long last, we reached our destination, which was the home of my friend Mike, in central Illinois. I felt horrible getting there as late as we did, but I was too happy to see Mike to worry about it much.



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