Mother’s Day

I’m a couple days late in making this post, but I have good excuses. On Sunday evening, when we got checked into the hotel, I attempted to write a blog post, but I couldn’t figure out how to connect to the wifi. I was probably too tired to think clearly. Once I ate dinner, I lay on the bed to rest a little, and I fell asleep, not to awaken until morning. The next night, I was worn out! I had a very adventurous day, and I think the altitude contributed to my sleepiness.

So….Sunday…. We traveled from Seminole, OK, to Castle Rock, CO. In planning the trip, I had chosen the route suggested by my Maps app, which would take us north from OKC, into Kansas, and then west to Colorado. Looking at the app on Saturday night, I realized that it would add only a few minutes to our trip if we went west through the Texas panhandle and the northeast corner of New Mexico. When I mentioned it to Sam and Seth, it was unanimous that we should take the second route instead; and it was a great choice. Sam was thrilled to be back in his birth state, and it was the first time for both him and Seth to be in New Mexico. The landscapes we saw were awe-inspiring, and the closer we got to Colorado, the more magnificent they became. The first sight of the Rockies was a wondrous experience.

By and large, the day was uneventful. We made good time and made it to our destination before dark, so that we were able to see what a beautiful area it is.


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