Day of Adventure

Monday was a day full of adventure. My friend Julie Vaughan, who I know from Macon, GA, took me all over and was a delightful tour guide. Our first stop was the Celestial Seasonings plant in Boulder. That was a sensory pleasure! The aroma of tea, herbs, and spices was a delight to the senses. In the tasting room, were many varieties of tea to be tested, and we could drink as much as we wanted. I tried a little of each flavor, and my favorite was Almond Sunset. On the tour of the plant, we got to go into the Peppermint Room. I loved it! The sweet, yet pungent, smell of peppermint awakened my senses and cleared my sinuses. I could have stayed all day in that one room. After our tour, we ate in the cafe at the plant. We had chicken salad croissants that were very tasty.

From Boulder, we went back south to the Garden of the Gods. I could spend all day there! The beauty is unparalleled. The stark red rocks with a background of blue sky, green grass, and the Rocky Mountains are wondrous to behold. The next time I’m here, I am going to dedicate one whole day to the Garden of the Gods.

In the evening, Sam and Seth joined us at Julie’s house where we were blessed to have dinner with Julie, John, and Jacqueline. McKenna also joined us there and had a little trouble making friends with Sierra and Farley.



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