Home, Home on the Range

File_000I always think of that song when I’m in Oklahoma. I guess it’s because of the line, “…and the skies are not cloudy all day.” The sky here is gorgeous today! Such a brilliant blue with a smattering of fluffy white clouds.

Since there is so much to tell about today, I’m going to write two posts…this one and another one after the wedding. As I did yesterday, I am going to tell about my day by listing things I have to praise God for.

  1. WHATABURGER!! Sam and I have been looking forward to getting Whataburger, and it did not disappoint. The burgers were just as good as we remembered them, and Seth was impressed with his first-ever Whataburger.
  2. I was able to purchase two new tires for my car. I went to Walmart, and they got the new tires on quickly and for a decent price.
  3. My car has a manual transmission. (I forgot to mention this one yesterday.) At some point yesterday morning, my starter went out, but I have had no problems getting it going by popping the clutch as the boys push it a little ways.
  4. The gas has been much cheaper than I had anticipated (and budgeted for). This morning, I filled up for only $1.91/gal, and that was without any sort of discount.
  5. We took McKenna to the park to get some exercise. It did us all good, after spending all day yesterday cooped up in the car.

After getting the new tires, I drove around for a while. I surprised myself by finding my Grandma’s old house with no problem. Well, I had to drive past it a couple times before I recognized it because it has become so grown over with foilage. Seeing that house brought back many fond memories of visits in years past.

Well, it’s time for me to get ready for the wedding. Tune in again later tonight for a continuation of today’s adventures.


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