Christmas Time = Cookie Time

2013-11-23-01-16-32For the past several years, Christmas for me has been all about cookies. I have a cookie shop on (accessible by clicking here or on the banner to the right). I also have my own website, which is still a work in progress, but which you can visit by clicking here. I have tried to make my cookie shop a year-round venture, but so far, there hasn’t been enough interest in it outside of the holiday season.

This year, while I’ve been recovering from a serious illness and not yet released by my doctor to return to work, my cookies have been my lifesaver. I wasn’t planning on having my shop open this Christmas, but all that changed with my illness. As much as I have hated being sick, I’m glad it worked out for me to be able to sell cookies again this year. The work has been theraputic, and the income has come in handy.

If you are interested in purchasing cookies from my little shop, feel free to use coupon code BLOG10 to receive 10% off your order. (This code works on my etsy site only. I do not have coupon codes set up on my website yet.) If you want them in time for Christmas, be sure to get your order in by tomorrow!


First blog post

This is, by no means, my first blog post. It is merely my first post on this particular blog. I found it necessary to stop posting on my old blog and start this new one. I’m not sure yet how many people are going to follow me here; only time will tell.

I meant to start this post months ago, but life happened, as it so often does. Actually, I have been very ill….close to death ill. On October 22, I was admitted to the hospital with sepsis, which they determined was caused by strep throat. There were two very odd things about it. First, it came on suddenly, which sepsis rarely ever does. Second, strep does not often cause sepsis.

I was in the hospital for five days but should have been in there longer. Unfortunately, that hospital (the one here in Bristol) is not in the same network as my insurance. It is my doctor’s opinion that they kept me until they were “reasonably sure” I wouldn’t die at home.

After I was discharged, I saw my doctor several times. I wasn’t getting much better, and then November 19, I started getting worse again. Since I wasn’t running a temp higher than 99.5 at that time, I decided to try to wait to do anything until my doctor’s appointment on the 23rd. I almost made it. The night before that date, my temp shot up, and I let Sam take me to the emergency room (this time in Johnson City, since that hospital is in the same network as my insurance).

As I suspected they would, they admitted me. I was so sick they tested me for everything: strep, flu, pneumonia, meningitis, even MRSA. Everything came back negative. The hospital doctor determined that my sore throat was due to a yeast infection from all the antibiotics I had been on for the sepsis, and my severe headache was a migraine.

While I was in the Johnson City hospital, I saw several specialists. The Infectious Diseases specialist suspected that I may have some sort of immune system disorder since it’s not common for adults to get as many infections as I have. He ordered a lot of blood work to rule that out, and as of yet, I have not heard the results of any of them. My regular doctor is setting up an appointment for me follow up with him since he is more qualified to interpret the results than she is.

After lying in a hospital bed for two weeks out of six weeks, I’ve lost a lot of my strength and stamina. I am slowly regaining them, but whenever I start to feel better, I tend to overdo it and end up feeling worse again for a couple days.

If you are interested in reading more details, you can click here and read all the updates.